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  • 15  /  02  /  2012                                                                                                                       CLODA  + ATLA

CLODA with ATLA presents UNDICI, a collection of eleven bathroom fitting units thought about and designed to meet the needs of each space. Nine different finishes using the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques and achieving the highest quality product.
  • 20  /  12  /  2011                                                                                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Merry Christmas! From all the team at CLODA we wish you a happy Christmas and prosperous 2012 CLODA ENJOY CHRISTMAS
  • 19  /  12  /  2011                                                                                     STONE  CHALLENGE   is comming

We are in full of research process, looking for original finishes, new materials, pure and noble, such as stone, to combine it with existing furniture finishes. We want to enhance the quality of the pure materials, untreated, or without paints, or alteration of the natural. We like the pure matter, and we believe in it, is the beauty essentials. At the moment, slate, granite, volcanic and other layered rocks are within our field of research. Soon we will get the expected results.
  • 08  /  12  /  2011                                                                                                                                   ON LINE

    Welcome to CLODA! Finally, we exist online. We hope this page will be useful to understand the type of product we can offer you within the world of bathrooms. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.