B   A   R   C   E   L   O   N   A 

The Workshop of Workshops
In a market full of renovation CLODA has gathered together workshops from all sectors to create The Workshop of Workshops. In answer to the constant demands of the market to adapt our spaces to the functional necessities of the users, years of work and study has been necessary to obtain an easy and complete collection that demonstrates only one part of all of project CLODA. The versatility and proximity to our workshops permits us to carry out any type of project, without limits. This catalogue shows only the generic part of each sector and aims to establish a relationship with the user by way of satisfying all the requirements of each project. Wood, Corian, Silestone, natural stone, glass, Coret and even ceramic are in constant evolution and we are evolving with them. The project will join together new materials, new designs and new proposals, so everything you can imagine we can now create. CLODA is made up of a team of architects, engineers and designers, that set the standards of our projects and that are on hand to give professional advice to our clients whenever needed, as well as very experienced fitters with years of experience, and a well-formed sales team knowledgeable about all the elements in which we work. KOMPO land & MATT series forms part of the most complete, functional and versatile collection in the world of bathrooms.